How to get rid of Warts with Duct tape Fast?

Skin warts are small brown-gray colored lumps of skin grown at any part of your body. These warts disappear on their own but sometimes they remain for a longer time than we expect.

Without any worries, warts can be treated naturally at our home. There are many proven home remedies for warts removal. Out of them, duct tape method is one of the famous and most proven effective ways found over the internet to get rid of warts at home.

Many people still don’t really believe that we can get rid of warts with duct tape, a sturdy adhesive tape. Yet it’s one of the most effective and reliable methods.

So How to Remove Warts with Duct Tape?

So today we are going to on how to remove warts with duct tape in a most proper way. Anybody without some specific health conditions is safe to apply this wart treatment home remedy.

How to get rid of warts with Duct Tape, naturally at home in a most effective manner?
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Things you need to get rid of warts with duct tape.

  1. Duct tape
  2. Medical tape or bandage 
  3. A pumice stone/sand paper or other such material.

Procedure for duct tape wart removal home treatment.

  • Cut out a piece of duct tape as small as the size of wart.
  •  Apply duct tape over the wart tightly so that no air can pass through in and out. The phenomenon is warts will be starved out of oxygen due to duct tape cover and slowly dies. While on the other hand duct tape also alerts to activate body’s immune system to fight against warts.
  • Cover it with medical bandage or tape to avoid possible fall off. Leave it for a week. If the tape suddenly falls off put another one and leave.
  • Remove the tape after 6-7 days and then soak the area in warm water for 15-30 minutes. This helps to soften dead skin layers.
  • Now rub the wart gently with the help of pumice stone or sandpaper to remove the upper softer dead skins. Do not use these pumice stone or sandpaper on other healthy parts of your body. And dedicate this material only to a single person to avoid possible infection.
  • Now put on the Duct tape again and repeat the same process again and again until you finally get rid of warts.

Things To Remember While Applying Duct tape wart removal technique at home.

The possible time to fully get rid of warts with duct tape depends on person to person, warts to warts. But you should avoid using duct tape on your warts more for than 2 months.

For a faster result, some prefer over the-counter wart medicine. Put a small amount of salicylic acid drop or gel on the wart then cover it with a duct tape to get a faster result. Instead of salicylic acid, you can use any other effective natural home remedies for warts removal.

Warts definitely look ugly and embarrassing but we pretty much all get them at some point in our lives. So by knowing how to remove skin warts fast and right way, you can make these ugly bumps go away quickly and easily.

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