How to get rid of warts with nail polish fast?

We have discussed many natural home remedies for different types of skin warts removal so far. And now we are discussing how to get rid of warts with nail polish.

In fact, Nail polish makes very effective warts remedy that we can easily apply at our home. And this is also one of the most proven ways to treat skin warts at your home naturally.

But you must have been wondering what makes nail polish so special treatment for warts.Many raise the same question when they first hear about how one can get rid of warts with nail polish.

Generally, Nail polish work on the same phenomenon as duct tape works. Nail police cover warts suffocating it without oxygen and then wart fall off after some time. (It actually cut off the oxygen supplement to warts and they die of suffocation and falls out.)

What do we need for treatment of warts with nail polish?

  1. Nail polish

  2. Bandage

  3. A Pumice stone/ sandpaper / nail file or other similar material.

Procedure for natural warts treatment with nail polish.

how to get rid of warts with nail polish
how to get rid of warts with nail polish
  • First of all, you must understand that to actually get rid of warts with nail police you must have patience and dedication.You can not get rid of warts overnight with nail polish treatment.
  • Begin from cleaning process, wash your warts with clean water and soap /Dettol.
  • Dry off warts completely.
  • Put a drop of nail polish onto your wart, cover whole warts with nail polish. And leave it to dry off.
  • Apply the bandage or tape over it tightly to avoid possible fall off as well as possible air circulation.
  • Repeat the process twice a day (morning and night) for several weeks until you fully get rid of warts.

Any type of nail polish can be used for this home remedy. The working principle is same.Some warts are really stubborn and take much time to completely fall off the skin. So give this warts treatment some time to do a miracle.If it, doesn’t work for you please switch to another natural home remedies.

For faster result, we prefer over-the-counter medicine. You can apply other treatment methods (like salicylic acid warts removal) on the wart and cover this layer with another layer of nail polish.




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