How to get rid of warts fast?

“How can we get rid of warts fast?” — You must have typed that question at least once on Google if you are a victim of ugly skin warts. So, for today we have tried to gather some best treatment methods to remove warts fast.

Skin warts are so common with us and most of us must have it at some point in our life. Some of the warts go on their own while some skin warts don’t.

And the good part is that most of warts can be removed naturally at home applying some effective home remedies for warts removal.

But still, they are annoying and can spread to other skin parts easily you should take care of it in time and apply precautions.

And some skin warts can still recur or spread to other parts of skin even after removing if not treated properly.

So, how to remove warts fast and forever?

The aim is not only removing the wart but also killing the virus (HPV) permanently to prevent further reoccurrence and spread on other parts of the body.  


Natural Treatments to get rid of warts fast

Here are some of the best effective and proven warts removal home remedies.

  1. Duct Tape
  2. Iodine
  3. Apple cider vinegar/vinegar
  4. Salicylic acid

how to get rid of warts fast and forever at home with garlic paste pictureSome warts are so stubborn that they don’t disappear easily with natural home remedies. Now, this is the time for you to see your doctor for further medical treatments. Your doctor examines it and suggests the best fit solution for you.

Medical Treatments To Get Rid of Warts Fast

Generally, medical treatments for skin warts are painful and feel traumatic depending on the level of treatment.

Doctors generally go from low painful methods and upgrades if the previous method doesn’t work.

how to get rid of warts fast with medical treatments | how to remove warts fast with medical treatments
Medical warts treatments.
  • Stronger acids. –

If natural and home remedies for warts removal don’t work doctor might prefer the stronger composition of salicylic acid. There are also other stronger acids like glycolic acid, and tretinoin acid works as alternatives for salicylic acid.

Strong acid can cause regular pain, irritation, burning and stinging.

  • Cryotherapy ( freezing method) –

Generally, doctors use liquid nitrogen as a freezing compound but there are many other freezing compounds available in the market.

A dermatologist put the required amount of liquid nitrogen on and around the wart. Liquid nitrogen causes to form blisters under and around the wart. And then dead tissues come off within a week or two. This also might require several repetitions depending on the condition of the wart.

This is also painful and annoying.

  • Minor Surgery (surgical method) ­ :

The doctor cut out warts from the root and may burn or use medicine to kill virus to prevent reoccurrence. And we consider surgical method as the fastest treatment for warts removal. Because warts are gone as soon as the doctor cuts it off although it will take some time to fully recover from pain and wound.

  • Laser treatment

    Doctors pass a small beam of the laser to burn the vessels on and around the wart.The laser infected tissues eventually die and wart falls off. This is how we get rid of warts fast with laser treatment. This can also be painful and annoying.


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